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Tips and Suggestions

There are many innovative things you can do to ensure your breakfast networking event is both fun and successful. While throwing a successful business mixer isn't easy, if you remember that your primary purpose is to facilitate networking, you'll be OK.

Here are some tips to help you host an effective, engaging and entertaining event:

  • If you have a large enough office, hold the gathering there to give your business exposure.
  • Make sure you finish your set up at least 30 minutes prior to the advertised time. This will ensure you have adequate time to welcome attendees without any stress.
  • Set a date at least six weeks in advance. This will give time for the Council to find suitable attendees, send invitations and make follow-up phone calls etc.
  • Find someone to donate a door prize.
  • Encourage all your guests to bring information on their products or services. Have one or more large tables set aside with a sign for this purpose.
  • Designate several "visitor hosts" to greet guests as they arrive and make sure they fill out nametags.
  • Have just a few chairs available to keep people moving and mingling.
  • Conduct a short networking exercise. For example, have each guest meet three people he or she hasn't met before or ask guests to find someone in a similar line of business.
  • Have a "Meet Your (Business) Match" - Have everyone pick a card out of a hat with the name of one half of a famous duo on it so that guests keep meeting people until they run into their "partner."
  • At the end of the mixer, spend no more than 10 minutes making announcements and giving door prizes.
  • Always remember that the primary purpose as the host of a mixer is to facilitate networking and to provide some form of education to participants. Focus on that, and, you'll be on track for a successful event.