HOPE FOR LIBERIA: Building a medical clinic for the most needy of people

Liberia is still a developing nation with its fair share of issues including inadequate sanitation, poor water quality and communicable diseases.

The country has limited medical facilities and resources meaning that if you are seriously ill or injured, it is likely you will need to be medically evacuated to a country with a higher level of medical services.

Kevin Hasemann of Shared Hope Training first went to Liberia in 2010 after a request from a local pastor to support their school.

Shortly after, the already fragile healthcare system was decimated by the Ebola virus – causing even further problems for the average Liberian.

“Western experts say that people in Liberia are dying of preventable or treatable conditions such as malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and the effects of high blood pressure and diabetes, such as strokes,” said Mr Hasemann. “Coming from a privileged country I found it unfathomable that I could leave these people behind in such conditions.”

The situation in Liberia is dire. “If you stub your toe now in Monrovia, you’ll have a hard time getting care, let alone having a heart attack or malaria,” said Sheldon Yett, the Liberia representative for UNICEF. “It’s a tremendous threat to children and a tremendous threat to families.”

Armed with a handful of contacts in Liberia and a dream of helping the people, Mr Hasemann set to work on building a portable medical clinic out of a 20 foot shipping container that he could send to Liberia.

So far Mr Hasemann and his company have funded the project entirely out of their own pockets – but they’re now seeking external donors to help them get the clinic ready for shipping by 31 December 2017.

Potential donors can visit: https://www.gofundme.com/kids-clinic-for-liberia