Hensley&Cook welcomes a Chinese Desk

Dubai (25/07/2018)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 15, 2018 – Hensley&Cook today announced its newly established Chinese Desk being operated from the Dubai H&C Office. The decision to set up a Chinese Desk is to accommodate and facilitate the increased flow of Chinese business and clients and to support the expected growth and expansion to China.

Hensley&Cook is a global corporate service and business structure provider with offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the Seychelles. The services involve examining the legal, tax, and financial markets, including different risk factors in order to provide tailor-made solutions to specific needs of the client.

Hensley&Cook in cooperation with its sister companies within CRESCO Holding and other international firms are able to offer unique all-in-one packages for local and international companies who are in need of advice and support for their new or existing business operations and risk mitigation.

Mr Alexander Chang, Director of Hensley&Cook, Dubai and Seychelles said “In recent years, leading Chinese companies have been establishing their business’ and been investing in start-ups in the UAE to tap into the fast growing dynamic markets in this region. With careful planning, thinking and support, the UAE is rapidly transitioning to a knowledge base economy. Innovation, science and technology will form the pillars of UAE’s knowledge-based economy. Investments in various sectors including internet, clean technology and traditional manufacturing are being driven by Dubai’s 2020 Vision. We believe this trend will continue and that the China Desk places Hensley&Cook in a unique position to support our clients and meet their needs.”

The China Desk will initiate new projects and joints efforts to further enhance the cross-border connectivity and boost new opportunities between the two countries.

Hensley&Cook Management Services DMCC
PO Box 102755 Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 406 9700
W: www.hensleycook.com



汉斯利&库克是位于迪拜和塞舌尔的一家全球性的企业服务和商业构架管理咨询公司。我们以涉及法律、财税以及金融等领域的全方位服务,针对客户的特定需求,为客户应对不同风险 量身定制不同的解决方案。



中文服务台将激励新的项目及其接缝工作, 进一步加强跨境连通性, 促进中阿两国之间的新机遇。