Help Train 1500 Providers to Rebuild hope for Internally Displaced Populations (IDPs) in Cameroon

The ongoing conflict in the two English speaking regions in Cameroon has forced thousands of families to flee their homes into refugee camps, bushes and other regions for safety. This has affected the lives of many women, children and girls adversely. The CTC4FP wants to identify and provide healthcare and other fast track training to the women and girls, many of whom are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and have been deprived of learning and are now eager to become literate.

Since 2016, the Anglophone crisis in the North West and South West regions in Cameroon has affected the lives of thousands of children, women, and girls. These Internally Displaced Populations (IDPs) have moved to the bushes, refugee camps, and other regions for safety. For the IDPs to integrate into their host communities, economically, socially, and through a process of mutual understanding is a crucial challenge. Link to our project:

The CTC4FP will identify and give older girls a chance to catch up on years of missed schooling by identifying and sending them to schools in safe regions. The CTC4FP will also give the women and girls an opportunity to train as community healthcare providers on a fast track basis so that they can use these skills to support themselves and their families.

Long-Term Impact
300 women and girls will become literate and gain professional education. The lives of these women IDPs will improve as they gain more opportunity for a better life. The older girls will choose to further their education on a fast track basis and some will train as community healthcare providers at age-appropriate grade levels. Once literate, these women will go on to request classes in French. As their minds open, they will understand they can be leaders and contribute positively to society.

We need to raise $5000 from 40 donors in order to win a spot on GlobalGiving website. Please help us spread the information to, friends, networks and organizations, who can donate to the project.

Adele Che