Healthcare: Turning an Expense into a Profit Center for Your Organization

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Program Summary:

Some of the biggest challenges facing corporate America today is uncontrollable healthcare expense, uncertainty in the market and health of their population.  Strained human capital executives do not have time or resources to keep up with ever-changing healthcare and well-being approaches; and relying on multiple vendors to provide accurate performance reports can be disparate and costly.  However, there is a simple solution; and with the right strategy, healthcare can be effectively managed without being burdensome on your current workforce.

Speaker Information: Erin Morrow

Erin is a graduate of the Ohio State University, and has founded various health and wellness companies, including Wellness Innovations.  Wellness Innovations prides themselves on altering the face of corporate healthcare by tying risk management to bona fide wellness programs, then integrating claims and predictive analytics, thus ensuring hard dollar savings.  In 2014, market demand for a viable solution to the ever-changing healthcare environment led Erin to create ELM and Associates.  Her and her team utilizes a unique skill set to deliver a healthcare strategy that includes compliance and regulatory standards, employee benefit tactics, preventative wellness and best practices, human capital, system optimization, claims analysis and integration, risk and injury mitigation, and predictive advanced analytics.  ELM guarantees to deliver strategies that ensure employers a competitive advantage into today’s healthcare-charged environment, as well as dramatically impacting bottom lines.  Erin also has extensive experience personally in short-term, high-impact projects she’s managed for employers regarding healthcare and human capital.  These types of projects are invaluable to employers, as they effectively align all organization goals across healthcare arms, are low risk and deliver high value.  This expertise, coupled with board experience, ensures value for employers, regardless of the type and level of investment they wish to make in their healthcare and human capital strategies.  Erin resides in Columbus, Ohio with her fiancée and two daughters.

Learning Outcomes

In this webinar, you’ll learn 6 directed strategies employers can use to strengthen their position, control cost, mitigate risk and positively impact bottom lines:

  1. Pinpoint the Cause of Healthcare Spending
  2. Plan for Near and Long-Term Future by Defining Actionable Blueprints Specific to Your Organization
  3. Develop Mutually Beneficial Partnerships with Vendors and Consultants: Collaboration is critical to a successful healthcare strategy, and is cited as the number one reason for failure of wellness programming and breakdown of benefits.
  4. The True Consumer: To drive consumerism of your population, understand what that specifically entails; and the benefit of making employees accountable stakeholders.
  5. Prevention + Intervention versus Reaction: Reverse healthcare trends by forecasting and adapting, rather than reacting after the cause.
  6. Bridge the Gap between Upper Management and Human Capital Professionals: Human capital management entails multiple internal and external stakeholders, vendors, systems and processes that are seldom linked.  Learn how to effectively promote collaboration between these invaluable resources so goals are aligned with the organization, messaging is clear and concise to the workforce, reporting is efficient and effective to upper management and quantifiable human capital ROI is accurately demonstrated.

Attending this webinar

  • This webinar runs 30-45 minutes.
  • To attend you only need your internet connected device and headphones or speakers.
  • Attendees will be able to ask questions and interact with the speaker and other participants live.
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Date: Wednesday, 13th September 2017

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