Great Falls Marketing

Great Falls Marketing


Member Level: Large Corporate Member
Contact Person: Ann McKee
Address: 121 Mill Street
Auburn Maine 04210
United States
Phone: +1 207 333 3020 Fax: +1 207 330 3282
Website: Twitter: @greatfallscalls


Great Falls Marketing provides in-bound sales services to a select group of direct response marketers. Answering calls on a mix of soft, trial and hard offer promotions, and across a wide range of advertising mediums, they add value to every campaign by maximizing close rates, ticket, continuity and cross sell conversions. Their proven sales process also allows them to specialize in product categories such as heath, beauty, home goods and more. Great people, extensive ongoing training and motivating compensation structures are at the core of our success…the record of which is evidenced by their satisfied customers and our industry leading employee retention. Their goal is to consistently provide the best sales performance available in the health products segment of the direct response industry.
Great Falls Marketing clients are companies that use direct-response advertising campaigns that provide toll-free numbers for consumers to respond to their offers. Unlike some call centers, which are staffed with operators or telemarketing generalists, their telephone staff is made up of sales professionals – who are the best in the business, with expertise in soft-offer sales, ticket maximization, continuity conversion, and cross-selling.

Direct-response sales
In-bound sales services
Answering calls on a mix of soft, trial and hard offer promotions