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ITC Member Badge


ITC Member Badge

ITC Member Badge


ITC Member Badge

ITC Member Badge

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ITC Member Badge

Ownership of Marks

The name “ITC” and the International Trade Council logo are currently trademarks of the International Trade Council.


It is essential that the Council logo is used correctly and consistently. Therefore:

  • Never leave out either of the elements (words or image).
  • Never stretch or distort the logo.
  • Never alter any of the colours.
  • Never use another typeface within the logo.
  • Never display the logo at an angle.
  • Never place elements in the exclusion zone.
  • Never use the logo on a background image that makes it unclear or where there is insufficient contrast.
  • Active International Trade Council local chapters are encouraged to use the International Trade Council logo, when logo guidelines are adhered to.
  • The International Trade Council logo may be used by its members and accredited organisations, but must not be used in a way that suggests the International Trade Council recommends, promotes or endorses a company’s products, services or technology.
  • The International Trade Council logo may not be used in conjunction with claims that products conform to International Trade Council Standards.
  • The International Trade Council reserves the right to authorize the use of the logo in cases of a business arrangement.

Use of Logo by Member Organisations

Members and accredited organisations may use the International Trade Council member logo to show their affiliation. The International Trade Council logo may be used by member organizations without explicit prior permission so long as it stands alone and is not altered or combined with other images. Common forms may include, but are not limited to, project websites, member affiliated sites, clothing and informational material.

Use by Non-Member Organisations

Non-member organisations may not use the ITC logo in any fashion to show affiliation with the Council without written permission.

Permission and Approval

Members of the Council may utilise the logo for the purposes of proving membership.

The International Trade Council logo may not be used to imply endorsement by the International Trade Council without written permission from the International Trade Council. Once permission is granted, the logo may be used only for the stated purpose and in the manner for which permission is granted.

Each request will be evaluated individually and permission will be granted based on the International Trade Council’s discretion. Please e-mail all questions regarding logo approval to

File Formats

The International Trade Council logos are offered in several file formats including:

  • PNG – Medium quality raster image suitable for web layout and presentations
  • EPS – Encapsulated PostScript high quality vector format suitable for press
  • JPG – Medium quality image suitable for web layout