Government Relations

Policy changes can significantly impact an organization’s mission & bottom line.

According to McKinsey, the business value associated with some type of government action, such as legislation or regulation, is around 30 percent for most industries and as high as 50 percent for the financial sector. In today’s increasingly complex business and political environments, the government affairs function is more consequential than ever.

Government relations (also known as government media relations) is a type of public relations that focuses on the communication between organizations and the government. It is an essential tool for any businesses that depends on government regulations.

The role of the International Trade Council in government relations is to build relationships between business organizations and the government with the aim to create positive interactions between the two.

International Trade Council Government Relations activities involve:

  • Developing strategies for government relations.
  • Assisting with building water-tight cases for government submission.
  • Mapping all stakeholders who influence government decisions that affect the business.
  • Researching policy and position papers.
  • Technical advice and assistance.
  • Preparing businesses for governmental appearances.
  • Referrals to lobbying groups.
  • Monitoring issues.

The International Trade Council team are experts at explaining and identifying government policies and regulations and can help your organization get a seat at the table.