Golden Links Pyramid – Offers

  1. Baobab Fruit Powder:  A super fruit in powder form, easy to use in making health juices and smoothies, health yogurt, health jam, dietary supplements, ice cream, candy, general bakery and confectionery, food thickener.

    $4,000/MT CIF Europe. MOQ: 3MT
  2. Gum Arabic: A super food for making different health candies, food stabilizer and preserver in all juices and soft drinks.

    $2,900/MT CIF Europe. MOQ: 3MT
  3. Unrefined Shea Butter: the best known natural skin care product on earth. It is traditionally produced, natural, unrefined and ready to use directly on the skin and hair. It is wonderful against dry skin, acne, eczema, baby skin diaper rashes, stretch marks, skin wrinkles and creases, nasal congestion. It protects, beautify and make hair grow rapidly.

    $2,300/MT CIF Europe. MOQ: 3MTm
  4. Tiger Nuts (Noix Tigress): A super food used as replacement for wheat flour in making health bread, health cakes, biscuits, and for making Tiger Nuts milk (called HORCHATA in Spain).Price: $600/MT CIF Europe. MOQ: 25MT
  5. Moringa Seeds: For weight loss. (Price quotation on request).
  6. Sesame Seeds. (Price quotation on request).
  7. Soyabeans. 

    Price: $480/MT CIF Europe. MOQ: 25MT

  8. Black-eyed Beans. (Price quotation on request).
  9. Big-sized fresh Guava Fruits: For making juice.

    $1000/MT CIF Europe. MOQ: 25MT.
  10. Roasted Cocoa Beans Powder: Ready for use directly as breakfast beverage and for making chocolate bars.Price: $9,500/MT CIF Europe. MOQ: 2MT.

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