Free Video Conferencing

Free Video Conferencing offered by International Trade Council –

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Important Features:

1. Unlimited Video Conference

  • You can create a room for you and invite your co-workers or colleagues to discuss current business plans via video conference for free
  • You can assign a password to your Meeting or Conference Room to avoid uninvited guests from accidentally entering your Meeting Room.

2. Chat Box

  • Send messages in the group using chat box

3. Share your screen feature

  • You can share either your entire screen, an application window or a Chrome Tab to the other participants

4. Mobile App

  • You can also create or join a Meeting Room using the mobile device by installing the mobile app.
  • Note: Sharing your screen feature is not applicable if you are using a mobile phone (i.e. you can still view other participants who are using laptop/desktop if they shared their screens, but you cannot share your own screen to others)

Quick Guides:

How to create your own Meeting or Conference Room (using your Laptop/Desktop and Mobile device)

How to join to a Meeting or Conference Room


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