Free Trade Lead Reports

Get Free Trade Leads

Trade Lead Reports are provided free of charge on a limited basis to members of the International Trade Council.

Reports contain:

  • Information on Top Importing Countries
  • Annual Growth
  • Average Estimated Tariffs
  • Contact Details of Major Importers (standard – all countries) / (custom – maximum of 5 countries)
  • Contact Details of Major Exporters (custom – maximum of 5 countries)
  • Recent News
  • Related Industry Reports (downloadable link)

When requesting a customized report please specify the following information:

  1. Your company name (member name as listed in the Council member records)
  2. 6 digit HS Code (Product Category Level)
  3. Country of Origin (Exporting From)
  4. Which Countries You Would Like Importer Contacts From
  5. Would You Also Like Exporter Contacts (5 Countries)?

Please email the request to

Average turn around time is 14 working days to produce a customized report. This time may vary depending on work-load.

The Council may also be able to obtain specific Bill of Lading information for certain imports/exports depending on the country of origin.

Limits on Requests

  • Large Corporate Council Members are entitled to three trade lead reports per membership year (one 6 digit HS Code per report).
  • Standard Council Members are entitled to one free trade lead report (one 6 digit HS code) per membership year.
  • Sole Trader and non-profit members may be provided a report free of charge on a case-by-case basis.