Incubator (StartUp) Benefits

Free Patent Troll Protection

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Protect your business and intellectual property from patent trolls!

Non-profit organization – includes members like Amazon, Tesla, Etsy, Ford, Fidelity etc as customers…provides companies with protection against patent troll lawsuits.


LOT provides free memberships for startups with less than $5M in revenue — and it is free each year that you remain under that threshold.

Important Notes:

  • If you are an enrolled ITC member or are part of the Council’s business incubator then you may contact us to access this benefits package.
  • Some benefits may not be valid for all International Trade Council incubated startups and may depend on your business type.
  • Some benefits are valid only based on your country of formation, company size, age of your company, number of employees, revenue and/or profitability.
  • Remember to use your COMPANY address when applying for a benefit – not your residential address.