Free Event Planning Service

Why Host an Event?

Hosting an event is a relationship-building experience whereby the Council can work with you to invite suitable organisations to your premises to meet, share ideas and network in a relaxed setting.

Goals of Hosting an Event

Generally speaking, most events will have the following goals:

  • To raise the profile of your organisation;
  • To show your organisation and its staff as an equal with others attending/participating;
  • To provide a forum for business owners to get to know one another and – most importantly – for the attendees to learn about your organisation and the value that it represents;
  • To increase the understanding of the activities of other participants;
  • To generate ideas and learn from the success of others; and
  • To generate follow-on contacts, long lasting relationships and additional referrals

When you plan an event, you’re suddenly transformed into a business leader in the community. You’re responsible for bringing entrepreneurs together to talk shop, and only a leader does that.

And if you host a great event you’ll be seen as a leader and an authority in your community.  Plus, you can’t beat the exposure. People often talk about great events they’ve attended, and that means the benefits extend well beyond the event itself.

Free Event Management Services For Council Members

The Council can help you:

  • Create your event branding
  • Select a suitable target audience
  • Locate a venue
  • Locate and invite suitable speaker(s) and co-sponsor(s)
  • Design promotional materials for the event
  • Market your event, where appropriate, via the Council’s newsletter, social media feeds and direct email shots
  • Collate RSVP’s

Your organization will be hosting the event, providing the facilities and catering (if any) and coordinating the activities on the day.

Event Branding

To ensure maximum attendance the event will be co-branded with your organization together with the Council.

Your organization will be able to utilize the Council logo and other materials as required. Council staff can also design specific graphics for your event. Standies / banners and other signage is to printed at your own cost.


Please contact Council staff to discuss suitable options.