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The divide between risk and opportunity is so fine that they are often seen as one and the same. Every opportunity that comes along must be considered in accordance with its risks, just as risks much be taken to make the most of any opportunity.  It is therefore how risks are approached and controlled that will often determine whether or not it is a risk worth taking.  Risk managers play a critically important role in almost every business environment, charged with the task of minimising threats and maximising opportunities. From business expansion efforts to new products to employee health and safety, wherever risk exists, risk managers take control.

This free risk management course covers the following topics:

  • Topic 1: What is Risk Management?
  • Topic 2: Introduction to Operational Risk Management

Aims and Objectives of the Course

This Risk Management Course focuses on two primary topics, which include a comprehensive overview of risk management as a concept, along with the role and value of operational risk management in a modern business setting.  Successful candidates will benefit from the essential insights and confidence required to take that next important step toward their dream career.

Start & Finish Dates

Online Course.

Start date – this course can be started at any time.

Duration and Assessment Structure 

Course Duration: 20 hrs

Once you submit assignment to the tutor, the tutor marks it and gives you feedback on this. Once you pass the assignment you move on to your next module and this way complete your course.

Who can benefit from the course?

  • Anyone interested to explore Risk Management from an entry level position.