Free Courses for Council Members

Free Staff Training Online: Training takes a pivotal role in every organisation since it plays a key role in shaping up an employee to the standards of the company. The International Trade Council, in partnership with major universities and the World Bank, now offer various free online courses suitable for both yourself and your staff.

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Business- Introduction To Accounting & Finance

This course is an introduction to accounting and financial concepts and the communication of financial information to external consumers. It examines the accounting process, asset and equity accounting, financial statement analysis, an analysis of financial markets, and overview of related topics. Sample lessons are:

  • How to Value a Company’s Stock
  • How to Interpret a Balance Sheet
  • How to Analyze a Cash Flow Statement
  • …and More! 12 free lessons in total.

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Business- Introduction To Marketing & Strategy

This course is designed for Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship or Communication majors, or anyone interested in improving business acumen. Students learn best practices in business and marketing by analyzing real companies in the market today. Sample lessons are:

  • How Apple Raises Competitive Barriers
  • When Netflix Met Blockbuster
  • The Tactics of Successful Branding
  • Creating Great Customer Experiences
  • …and More! 19 free lessons in total.

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Business Management

This free business course online is divided into four key topics, beginning with an exploration of the contemporary business environment and moving on to human resource management. Candidates also study the value and effects of performance management, a series of marketing fundamentals and additional related business matters.

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Construction Management Course

Four essential topics are discussed at length, including the fundamentals of the contemporary construction industry, what it is that the construction supervisor does, an overview of construction estimations and the basics of planning for equipment.

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Criminal Justice- Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

This course provides students with an extensive overview of the world of cybersecurity. Students will learn about the history and scope of cyberspace, the vulnerability of the internet, the different types of threats, cyber fraud, theft and organized crime. There is also an emphasis on essential terminology, the malicious actors in cyberspace, government regulation, international involvement, and the future of cybersecurity. Sample lessons are:

  • Cyber Fraud, Theft, and Organized Crime
  • The Constitution and Cyberspace
  • Hacktivists and Insurgency
  • …and More! 18 free lessons in total

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Customer Service

Over the course of five in-depth units, candidates explore the definition of customer service from a modern business perspective, along with effective strategies for evaluating the needs and expectations of customers.  Course content on Free Customer Service Courses also investigates customer complaints and feedback, the importance of ongoing staff training, how long-term customer relationships can benefit a business and additional related topics.

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Economics- Introduction To Microeconomics

Economics is the study of how humans respond to incentives and make tradeoffs. Economics can guide policymakers and businesses by providing a framework predicting how businesses, individuals, and markets will respond to new policies, products, or unforeseen events. Students will be able to understand how incentives and economic principles explain the world around them using economic reasoning and formal models. Sample lessons are:

  • Demand and Supply
  • Land and Rent
  • Labor Market and Wage Discrimination
  • …and More! 11 free lessons in total.

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Event Management

This event management course centres on three topics of importance, which explore contemporary event management as a concept, the fundamentals of event creation and a variety of effective and efficient event marketing strategies. Upon completion, you may just find yourself with the knowledge, confidence and drive to finally put your career dreams into action. The three topics are:

  • What is Event Management?
  • The ‘five Ws’ of event creation and how they apply to the creation of an event concept
  • Event Marketing

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Hotel Management

Course content on this free hospitality course centres around three primary topics of importance, which include an introduction to hotel management, an overview of key front desk operations and the responsibilities of the housekeeping department. Successful candidates will find themselves in a prime position to continue their studies at a higher level, or enter the industry with the confidence to succeed. Topics included are:

  • Introduction to Hotel Management
  • Introduction to Front Office Operations
  • Introduction to Housekeeping

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Human Resources

This HR free course covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to HR Management
  2. Recruitment and Selection
  3. Staff Training and Development

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ICC Code for Ethical Marketing and Advertising (EMA)

This ICC course expands on a programme initially developed with the international business school INSEAD.  Its purpose is to promote global awareness and use of ICC’s internationally-recognised Marketing and Advertising Codes, and is aimed at developing the skills needed to create, design and deliver responsible marketing communications.

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International Trade & eBusiness Online Certificate Course

This course covers complete introductory units of the following modules:

  • Export Marketing Operations
  • Trade & Customs Practice
  • Finance of International Trade
  • eBusiness & Internet Marketing
  • International Business Networking

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Internet Marketing

This course introduces candidates to an overview of internet marketing as a concept and the breakdown of the effective internet marketing plan.  Along with those looking to succeed in professional marketing, this course is also extremely beneficial for business owners interested in improving their knowledge and understanding of digital marketing. Topic included are:

  • Introduction to Internet Marketing
  • Creating an Internet Marketing Plan

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Management Course

This free management course focuses on three primary topic areas, which include the characteristics of leadership and management, professional resource management, the provision of feedback and the organisation/management of meetings.  Whether already in employment or looking to begin a new career from scratch, you’ll benefit from the essential insights and theory required to take that next important step. The three topics are:

  • Characteristics of Leadership and Management
  • Managing Resource
  • Managing Meetings and Giving Feedback

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Project Management

Project management is a field in which theoretical knowledge and industry insights are just as important as practical experience.  To study project management is to lay the strongest possible foundation for a future career, or for ongoing study at a higher level. The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Role of the Project Manager
  • The Project Life Cycle

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Public Private Procurement

CPPP provides the learners with an opportunity to enhance domain knowledge benefit from peer review submissions and get a certificate on successful completion of the course. The course, a blend of e-learning, self-study and social learning is offered completely online. CPPP will have eight units in three main modules of:

  • Introduction to Procurement and Public procurement (including Management Concepts and Techniques)
  • Public Procurement Operations
  • Public Procurement and Good Governance.

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Public Relations

Ideally suited to those looking to join the industry at an entry level or continue studying at a much higher level, this free course introduces the basics of both the concept of PR and the profession itself. This free public relations course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Differences and Similarities in Public Relations, Advertising and Publicity
  • Public Relations’ Tools and Methods

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Risk Management

This free Risk Management Course focuses on two primary topics, which include a comprehensive overview of risk management as a concept, along with the role and value of operational risk management in a modern business setting.

  • What is Risk Management?
  • Introduction to Operational Risk Management

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Robotics- Introduction To Robotics

Emphasis is placed on the different components that make up a robotic system and how each is necessary for the advancement of autonomy. Both types of navigation, behavior-based and model-based, are explained in depth using examples from past and current research efforts. Finally, a thorough review of the different applications for robotics is given, including industrial, home, hospital, flying, underwater, space, military, and social robots, among others. Sample Lessons are:

  • Basic Skills for Making Robots
  • Designing a New Robot
  • Self-Driving Vehicles
  • Flying Robots- From Autopilots to Drones
  • …and More! 24 free lessons in total.

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Supply Chain Course

Along with flawless communication, strong people management skills and a meticulous eye for detail, supply chain management careers are built on a solid knowledge base.  The more you understand about the way supply chains work, the higher the likelihood you will secure a rewarding career. This free supply chain management course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • How the Supply Chain Works
  • Participants in the Supply Chain
  • Managing Planning and Sourcing Operations in the Supply Chain

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Supply Chain Finance – An Introductory Guide

A free tool that gives newcomers to supply chain finance a comprehensive understanding of the main techniques available to both exporters, importers and the corporations and banks funding them. It also explains the benefits of SCF to all parties and includes case studies of real businesses that use supply chain finance. Although the guide is free it uses content and graphics from our premium courses.

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Travel and Tourism

Course content on this free tourism course provides candidates with an extensive overview of the travel and tourism industry, along with an introduction to professional tour operations management. This free tourism course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Travel and Tourism
  • Managing Tour Operations

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  • Courses are free for Council members.
  • No limit to the number of students per member.
  • Students can take more than one course at a time.
  • Course language is UK English so there may be very minor spelling and grammar differences between US English language.
  • Courses require approximately 2-4 hours study per week, but can vary depending on the student. All courses are 4 weeks in length (except Public Private Procurement which is 13 weeks).
  • Course videos are approximately 4-5 hours in total.

How Courses Work

  • Everything you need to complete the course, including videos, further readings, assessments, quizzes, transcripts and your classmates are accessed in a single, easy-to-use online classroom.
  • Within the classroom for each course, you can see a run-down of the topics covered in each of the four modules. All of the content will be available from the moment the course begins, with one assessment opening each week, for the four weeks.


  • You need an overall grade average of at least 60 percent to pass the course. Even if you miss an assessment, you’ll still pass the course if your average of the four assessments is 60 percent or above.

Certificates of Achievement

  • If your average score for a course is at least 60 percent, you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement once the course finishes.

Benefits of free online courses for your organisation

Providing your employees with free online training can improve business performance, profit and staff morale. Advantages to your business include:

  • Training your staff can result in better customer service, better work safety practices and productivity improvements.
  • Training increases efficiency in processes, resulting in financial gain.
  • You demonstrate to your workforce that you value them enough to invest in them, improving loyalty and staff retention. In turn, retention is a saving to you.
  • Providing free training is seen as a huge employee benefit, particularly when your organization is compared to others who do not offer this service.

Benefits of free online courses your employees

Training has many benefits for your staff:

  • They acquire new skills, increasing their contribution to the business and building their self-esteem
  • The training they do can take them into other positions within the organization – positions with better prospects and/or better pay
  • They’re upskilled to do new and different tasks, which keeps them motivated and fresh
  • Because they’re being trained on your time, they see that you value them enough to invest in them. A good organization is seen as one that retrains rather than churns.