Free Courses: Economics- Introduction To Microeconomics

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Economics is the study of how humans respond to incentives and make tradeoffs. Economics can guide policymakers and businesses by providing a framework predicting how businesses, individuals, and markets will respond to new policies, products, or unforeseen events. Students will be able to understand how incentives and economic principles explain the world around them using economic reasoning and formal models.

Sample lesson list:

  • Demand and Supply
  • Land and Rent
  • Labor Market and Wage Discrimination
  • …and More! 11 free lessons in total.

Aims and Objectives of the Course

In this course, you will learn all of the major principles of microeconomics normally taught in a quarter or semester course to Business majors or MBA students.

Start & Finish Dates

Online Course.

Start date – this course can be started at any time. No Schedules, Self-Paced

Who can benefit from the course?

  • Anyone interested in learning major principles of microeconomics