Free Courses: Business- Introduction To Marketing & Strategy

International Trade Council




Emphasis is on branding, pricing, communications, market research, strategic management, competitive advantage, market segmentation, the marketing mix, product positioning, and sources of sales growth and value. Students learn ways to determine why some firms perform better than others and applying those lessons to your own work or company.

Sample lesson list:

  • How Apple Raises Competitive Barriers
  • When Netflix Met Blockbuster
  • The Tactics of Successful Branding
  • Creating Great Customer Experiences
  • …and More! 19 free lessons in total.

Aims and Objectives of the Course

Students learn best practices in business and marketing by analyzing real companies in the market today.

Start & Finish Dates

Online Course.

Start date – this course can be started at any time. No Schedules, Self-Paced

Who can benefit from the course?

  • Business majors
  • Marketing majors
  • Entrepreneurship majors
  • Communication majors
  • Anyone interested in improving business acumen.