Free Courses: Business- Introduction To Accounting & Finance

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This course is an introduction to accounting and financial concepts and the communication of financial information to external consumers. It examines the accounting process, asset and equity accounting, financial statement analysis, an analysis of financial markets, and overview of related topics. It is designed to enhance student understanding of accounting and finance by discussing related fundamental principles and theories.

Sample lesson list:

  • How to Value a Company’s Stock
  • How to Interpret a Balance Sheet
  • How to Analyze a Cash Flow Statement
  • …and More! 12 free lessons in total.

Aims and Objectives of the Course

Learn best practices in financial accounting, bookkeeping and reporting by analyzing real companies in the market today.

Start & Finish Dates

Online Course.

Start date – this course can be started at any time. No Schedules, Self-Paced

Who can benefit from the course?

  • Business majors
  • Accounting majors
  • Finance majors
  • Anyone interested in improving business and bookkeeping knowledge.