First-of-its-kind, APIsure Launches

Toronto, Canada, February 5, 2019 – Surecomp®, the global trade finance fintech leader, made a major announcement regarding the official launch of APIsure, an open API platform that enables the rapid adoption and integration of new products and services for trade finance applications. Users leverage APIsure to collaborate with the broader trade finance ecosystem. Today’s announcement marks the culmination of research, development and testing and the launch of this exciting new project. This is a significant milestone as it is the first in a series of roll-outs for Surecomp’s digital suite which will continue throughout 2019.

An increasing number of banks and corporates are recognizing that cross-industry collaboration is vital and are offering their clients more digital options. Yet, until now, no open infrastructure has existed for fruitful collaboration among banks, corporates and developers when it comes to trade finance. APIsure is the first comprehensive trade finance open API platform on the market.

APIsure was designed in collaboration with leading bank, corporate and fintech companies in Europe and Asia. Several early adopters have begun developing and integrating their own proprietary apps on the open platform. Covering the major trade finance instruments and activities, this new infrastructure will enable banks and corporates to introduce new trade finance products and services which will seamlessly integrate with third party fintech solutions, simplify collaboration and accelerate innovation.

APIsure will interface with existing bank/corporate open API architectures, blockchain projects and other cross-industry initiatives. Through APIsure, banks can embrace the opportunity to introduce their apps into the marketplace and corporates profit by their access to a growing pool of fintech solutions. Developers will access APIsure through a portal on the Surecomp website.

Surecomp has been an industry leader for over thirty years and is uniquely positioned on the forefront of innovation, disruption and digitization. “Our continued investments in embracing disruptive technologies will enable our customers to move towards higher levels of automation and enable them to run their operations more efficiently, customizing applications to their all-encompassing needs. Today’s announcement reaffirms Surecomp’s mandate to be a trusted and innovative technology partner to our customers”, said Joel Koschitzky, Surecomp’s Chairman and CEO. Lyron Wahrmann, Surecomp’s Head of Digitization added “Surecomp’s pledge is to enable our customers digital future. We are confident that APIsure will exponentially extend the capabilities of our trade finance platforms through our collaborative partners and the in-house development of our customers.” ###

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