Krista Mikkonen, Finland’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, discusses cooperation with U.S. at virtual high-level event on October 27th – leading Finnish bioeconomy companies to showcase innovative circular economy solutions.

Finland, one of the greenest countries in the world, is expanding its cooperation with the United States on forest bioeconomy and new sustainable materials – to replace fossil-based products with a heavier carbon footprint – and will advance partnerships with the states of Maine and Michigan. A high-level discussion on enabling a modern bioeconomy, along with company showcases from Finland, will be featured during a live webinar next Tuesday, October 27th, at 10:00 am EST.

Finland’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Krista Mikkonen, and Maine’s Commissioner for Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Amanda Beal, will discuss enablers for the modern green economy and green recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

“Climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation threaten the security of humankind. Finland aims to be climate neutral by 2035,” said Minister Mikkonen. “We are working hand in hand with our industries, businesses, cities, regions and academia to reach that goal. International partnerships, like the ones between Finland and the States of Maine and Michigan, are extremely valuable in this work.”

Jake Ward, the vice president for innovation at the University of Maine, will present keynote remarks on current bio- and circular economy opportunities in Maine.

Victoria Hermann, President and Managing Director of The Arctic Institute, will act as moderator. Mika Koskinen, consul general of Finland in New York, will provide welcoming remarks.

The event – an official side event of Sitra’s World Circular Economy Forum – is produced jointly by the Consulate General of Finland in New York, the Embassy of Finland in Washington, D.C., and Business Finland.

Presenting Finnish Bioneers include:

  • StepOneTech: Manufacturer of eFlexFuel, technology that enables gasoline and hybrid vehicles to run on renewable biofuel
  • Kotkamills: Renewable, recyclable products for packaging and food service industries
  • Dolea: producing recyclable and biodegradable drinking straws
  • Sulapac: sustainable, beautiful and functional materials designed to replace conventional plastic in a variety of products
  • Aalto University showcasing progressive bio & circular economy research, including recycled fibre technology Ioncell®, bio-based dyes and pigments BioColour, circular ecosystem of battery metals BATCircle, and bio-based adhesives LignoSphere.


Finland-US Cooperation on Clean Technologies and the Circular Economy of the Future – Featuring Leading Company Showcases from Finland

WHAT: Policy-makers from Finland and the United States will discuss enablers for the modern bio- and circular economies. In view of the urgent need to make our economies more sustainable, and the enormous growth potential of clean technologies and the green economy, how can governments support the research, innovation and industrial transformation needed to transition to a sustainable bio- and circular economy? What role do circular economy solutions play in our efforts to rebuild after COVID-19?

WHY: The US and Europe have much to gain from joining forces in the green transition towards bio- and circular economies. Finland has made the commitment to be carbon neutral by 2035 and is leading the world in the refocusing of its forest industry and creating solutions for the circular economy. Finland has partnered with two US states, Maine and Michigan, to jointly promote the development of modern bioeconomy and clean technologies. Bringing together experts and businesses on both sides of the Atlantic will boost the competitiveness of the transatlantic economy and help Finland and the U.S. stay at the cutting edge of new technologies and future innovation.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 27th – 10:00 am EST/4:00 pm EEST to 11:30 am EST/5:30 pm EEST