How We Can Help You Internationally

Membership in the International Trade Council enhances your credibility

Membership sends the message to consumers that you are a reputable organisation who actively involves themselves in the broader business community, seeks out new and innovative business solutions and looks for constant ways to provide better service. Becoming a member puts you in great company with business leaders, entrepreneurs and gives you the opportunity to reach millions of new business contacts, large and small.

The International Trade Council is a business community working together doing what no one single business or individual can do alone.

Free Access to the Quality in Business Assessment & Certification Program
The Quality in Business Certification is an independent, third-party evaluation program. It is the only global assessment methodology and business certification standard designed to highlight participating organizations commitment to innovation, continuous improvement and adherence to global best business practices. The Quality in Business Standard includes 16 key functions, 96 core criteria and 249 compliance indicators. The entire Quality in Business Standard is reviewed and updated a minimum of once per calendar year. To guarantee the quality of the program, each assessment is reviewed by an independent auditor prior to issuance of a Quality in Business Certificate. Normally priced at $1995 – it is offered totally free of charge to members of the International Trade Council. Click here for more information.

Making the right connections
Making the correct contacts in the correct market can be transformational to business success. The Council can support your export journey by offering you access to millions of international contacts and helping you find the right ones for your business.

Professional growth opportunities
From peer-to-peer networking events to professional development sessions, from free webinars to customisable courseware, from business leader round-tables to policy committees, the International Trade Council offers your organisation plenty of opportunities to get involved in activities that will allow you to grow professionally.

Connecting you with your peers
Other business leaders can provide insights and advice based on their own experiences. The Council can help by identifying and connecting you to other leaders who may be helpful resources to you along your journey.

One-on-one business introductions
The Council can facilitate one-on-one business introductions with specific organisations or can come up with a list of potential targets according to your requirements.

Political briefings
The Council arranges political briefings which provide members with the opportunity to discuss their individual business concerns with key government figures.

Resource & technical assistance
Having problems understanding certain import or export requirements but don’t know where to turn for help? The Council’s Economic Development Committee may have some ideas. Contact us for assistance.

The right advice, when you need it
Growing your business in new markets can often come with a number of financial, legislative and language complexities. The Council’s experienced team offers country-specific advice, information and support – helping you enter your target market. Speakers and programs geared toward giving you relevant information for your business.

Providing exclusive online resources
Having the right contacts and knowing the latest market developments can make all the difference when spotting your next opportunity.

Accessible via the Members Online Portal:

  • Over 10 million company contacts from 52 countries
  • Venture capital and finance leads
  • PR industry contacts
  • Customisable courseware
  • Business forms and legal templates

Helping exporters of all sizes

Statistics from show that companies that take the plunge and secure sales abroad improve their productivity by 34 percent. They are also 12 percent more likely to survive and excel in the world of business than those who don’t export.

Trading internationally is not an exclusive club for large corporations with a huge turnover.  Exporting is something anyone, from a small artisan to a technology guru, can achieve and benefit from and the Council can help put you on the right path to export success.