How We Can Help Your Local Business

Council staff recognise that running a local business can be one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs that exist today. In addition to being CEO, small-business owners frequently wear many hats, including sales person, marketing coordinator, product specialist, receptionist, technologist, finance director, human resources manager and more.. .

The Council offers plenty of assistance available to help these small businesses succeed!

When you become a member of the Council you will have access to some of the most powerful, successful and influential business people in your local, state and national community.

Your membership in the International Trade Council is an investment in the future of your business.

Benefits of Membership

  • Free Access to the Quality in Business Assessment & Certification Program. The Quality in Business Certification is an independent, third-party evaluation program. It is the only global assessment methodology and business certification standard designed to highlight participating organizations commitment to innovation, continuous improvement and adherence to global best business practices. The Quality in Business Standard includes 16 key functions, 96 core criteria and 249 compliance indicators. The entire Quality in Business Standard is reviewed and updated a minimum of once per calendar year. To guarantee the quality of the program, each assessment is reviewed by an independent auditor prior to issuance of a Quality in Business Certificate. Normally priced at $1995 – it is offered totally free of charge to members of the International Trade Council. Click here for more information.
  • Up to $20,000 USD of Free Advertising: Helping you reach the right audience for no extra cost.
  • Credibility: You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you’re identified as a member of the International Trade Council.
  • Understanding of the Latest Trends: Get access to in-depth knowledge of latest industry trends, shared via the Council’s eMail newsletters, Members Portal, webinars, meetings and conferences.
  • Ongoing Professional Education: Build your professional network and knowledge with free webinars and online worskshops.
  • Press Release Distribution: This powerful tool syndicates your company’s information nationally and internationally, getting it into the hands of the media in the easiest, most efficient manner possible.
  • Involvement Opportunities: You can involve yourself in a committee(s) of your choice, connect up with (or put together) local marketing exchange groups, use the Council to promote your own webinar or networking event; and have a direct impact upon the future of your community while promoting your business.
  • Access to the Right People: The Council has a wealth of valuable business contacts and can put you in touch with people to answer virtually any business question.
  • Legislative & Government Support: Access to meet and network with your local elected officials during legislative receptions and visits.
  • Legislative Initiatives: The Council monitors and notifies you of important local, state and federal issues that affect businesses.
  • Mentoring: The Council is able to partner local businesses with others in their own community, to offer them counselling and business mentoring designed to take your business to the next level (or even to just get started).
  • Preferred Business Directory: The Council’s online and PDF member directories are utilised by more than 2.3 million CEO’s worldwide. All Council members receive complimentary listings to give greater exposure to your news, events, products and services.
  • Referrals: Get exclusive referrals to inquiries received by Council staff.
  • Savings & Deal Promotion: Offer and take advantage of member-to-member discounts.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: The International Trade Council has many volunteer opportunities throughout the year for you to participate in, letting you give back to the communities that you care about. Council staff can even tailor a local volunteer day to your own specific needs.
  • Contact Your Local Elected Officials: Weigh in on local, state and national issues with the assistance of the Council.
  • A Seal of Quality: Displaying the International Trade Council logo enhances your reputation as a progressive organisation with excellent corporate governance.
  • Due Diligence: The Council offers a referral line which can provide you with the information necessary to make a wise decision when buying goods and services.
  • Resources and Tool-kits: The Council hosts a range of online resources and tool-kits to help businesses legal forms and templates, business guides, eBooks, downloadable contact databases and more.

According to a study done by the Shapiro Group, 80 percent of consumers said they feel more confident doing business with a member of a professional business organisation.