Fields Available

International Trade Council bill of lading data typically contains the following fields. (Note: these fields vary by country of import/export)

  • Bill of lading number
  • Departure date 
  • Six-digit HS code
  • Description of goods (full description )
  • Quantity of goods
  • Unit price of goods
  • Weight
  • Vessel name, IMO code, voyage number
  • Ocean carrier/shipping line
  • Consignee name/address (only for US imported shipments, not for US exported shipments)
  • Shipper name/address 
  • Notify name/address 
  • Location and country of lading
  • Location and country of destination
  • Port of discharge/transshipment port
  • Container number(s)
  • Master and house bill of lading numbers
  • Estimated value
  • Vessel flag/country of registry
  • Containerized/non-containerized
  • Refrigerated, potentially hazardous, roll-on/roll-off cargo

This data is provided free of charge for members of the International Trade Council.

Bill of Lading Data / Customs Data / Import Export Data from the International Trade Council

Above: Example of Indian Bill of Lading