Fall 2015 Certified Change Agent Program Released

Capillary continues to provide essential change management skills

Toronto, ON, August 4, 2015– Capillary Consulting Inc. has launched its fall schedule of certified change agent workshops, giving up to 36 attendees the opportunity to build their change muscles under the facilitation of Rich Batchelor, internationally recognized change management advocate, speaker, guide and go-to-person.

Growing capable change agents in an ever changing world can only benefit the successful delivery of more and more change events – Rich Batchelor, President

The 2.5 day workshop provides 18 hours of professional understanding for change events as they effect the person, the organization and the interaction of both through the change experience. Focusing on mindset and approach, the conversational facilitation of the workshop content gives opportunity for attendees to explore personal and professional change, understand why, what and how things happen in a change event, and prepare themselves to act as change agents for future events they may have a role to play in delivering. Human emotions, Leadership, Management and preparation for change are key themes of the workshops.

This workshop is recognized by several professional bodies for accredited development units.

Making Change Happen to Maximize Human Potential

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Rich Batchelor at 1-647-313-9628 or email at info@capillaryconsulting.com.