Export Assistance

Exporting enables companies to diversify their portfolios and to weather changes in their domestic economies. Moreover, for every $1 billion USD of exports, approximately 6000 jobs are created.

The International Trade Council is committed to supporting exporters create strong and sustainable economic growth as well as increasing economic stability in emerging markets. Council staff can guide you through the export process and provide the connections, information and training you need to make exporting an successful component of your sales programme.

The International Trade Council can:

  • Assist with the identification of new export markets;
  • Provide marketing assistance to develop new and existing export markets;
  • Assist companies to increase their competitiveness by providing information on brand protection, intellectual property rights, and providing research and support for patent registrations, quality marks and product marks;
  • Promote and create opportunities for foreign direct investment; and
  • Help to increase the contribution of new entrepreneurs and small businesses to their local economies.

Range of services available:

The International Trade Council provides a range of sophisticated and extensive services for organisations interested in exploring export opportunities. These include:

  • Providing contacts with foreign organisations
  • Relaying export sales leads and other opportunities to members
  • Facilitating workshops, seminars and roundtables
  • Developing and promoting overseas trade missions, trade promotion programmes and business round-tables
  • Hosting visiting trade missions from other countries
  • Providing effective links between member organisations and foreign trade show organisers
  • Linking members to logistics providers to facilitate shipment consolidation services
  • Providing certificates of origin
  • Conducting international activities at domestic trade shows

In addition, the Council can supply information on market demand for products in selected countries or refer members to export management companies.

International Trade Consultants

International trade consultants are available to advise and assist organisations on all aspects of foreign marketing. Trade consultants do not normally deal specifically with one product, although they may advise on product adaptation to a foreign market. Instead, they research domestic and foreign regulations and also assess commercial and political risk. They conduct foreign market research and establish contacts with foreign government agencies and other necessary resources, such as advertising companies, product service facilities, and local attorneys.

These consultants can locate and qualify foreign joint venture partners, as well as conduct feasibility studies for the sale of manufacturing rights, the location and construction of manufacturing facilities, and the establishment of foreign branches. After sales agreements are completed, trade consultants can also ensure that implementation is smooth and that any problems that arise are dealt with effectively.

Council trade consultants usually specialise by subject matter and by global area or country. Their consultants can advise on which agents or distributors are likely to be successful, what kinds of promotion are needed, who the competitors are, and how to conduct business with them. They are also knowledgeable about foreign government regulations, contract laws, and taxation.

Talk confidentially to a trade specialist to learn more about selling your products globally, expanding into new foreign markets … and accessing local, state and federal resources to help you market your products overseas.

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