Estonia – Start-up grant by Enterprise Estonia

Grant Name: Start-up grant by Enterprise Estonia
Country: Estonia
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This grant is available to growth-oriented starting companies that have operated up to two years. The specific eligibility criteria are:

  • There is no connection with other companies of the same field.
  • The share of a legal person in the company may not exceed 25{5fd5d0c347966b9ca8e0f456e16034dfe54ed0385696705fc3c1ddd66732c056}.
  • Aimed at internationalisation or creating new jobs, if the company is operating in the urban area of Tallinn or in Tartu.
  • Aimed at creating new jobs, if the company is operating outside of the urban area of Tallinn or outside of Tartu.
  • The company has not previously received start-up and/or growth support from Enterprise Estonia.
  • The company’s shareholders have not previously received support from Töötukassa (Unemployment Insurance Fund of Estonia) for activities in the same field.
  • De minimis aid of the company does not exceed €200,000.
  • The sales revenue of the company must reach €80,000 by the end of its third operating year.
  • The company is required to create two new jobs, where employees will receive a gross monthly wage that makes up at least 70{5fd5d0c347966b9ca8e0f456e16034dfe54ed0385696705fc3c1ddd66732c056} of the national average year gross wages (thus at least €854 in 2018).
  • The capacity of at least 20{5fd5d0c347966b9ca8e0f456e16034dfe54ed0385696705fc3c1ddd66732c056} of annual growth.
  • Previous experience is not obligatory, but it is taken into account. No age specifications are in place.

Main characteristics

The start-up grant is meant for companies with a lot of development potential. The company applying for the grant can be up to 24 months old. After receiving the grant, the company must create at least two new jobs with the wage of at least 70{5fd5d0c347966b9ca8e0f456e16034dfe54ed0385696705fc3c1ddd66732c056} of the Estonian average gross wage. The maximum amount of the grant is €15,000 and own contribution is at least 20{5fd5d0c347966b9ca8e0f456e16034dfe54ed0385696705fc3c1ddd66732c056}.  The grant can be used for:

  • Acquisition of fixed material assets
  • Transport, configuration and installation
  • Marketing
  • Acquisition or development of application software
  • Personnel costs.

The grant can be received in full or up to four instalments. The products or services for which the grant has been given to, must be received before receiving the grant and the invoices must be paid previously or within maximum 10 working days after receiving the grant (instalment). The documentation must be provided to Enterprise Estonia (EAS). The grant is not repayable. In case the goals are not met or required documentation not provided, the applicant is obliged to pay the grant back to EAS.

To Apply:

Enterprise Estonia
+372 6279 700