Environmental Metal Works

Environmental Metal Works Ltd.


Member Level: Large Corporate Member
Contact Person: Lindsay Haag
Address: 4905 55 Ave PO Box 430
Two Hills Alberta T0B 4K0
Phone: +1 780 657 2035 Fax: +1 780 657 2471
Website: www.emwgroup.ca
Email: lhaag@emworks.ca


EMWorks is a one-stop source for intelligent waste management, recycling products and associated services.

Over the past two decades the company became known as one of the most efficient volume manufacturers of quality metal containers in North America. Production facilities feature state-of-the art production and assembly processes and systems.
Full Range of Metal & Plastic Containers Available:
Metal: Roll offs, Frontloads, Sideloads, Lugger Bins, Metal Bins of all Sizes
Plastic: Steelite TM – Hybrid Dumpsters – Combines the best characteristics of steel and plastic; the strength of steel and the lightness of plastic;
Bear Saver TM – Animal Resistant Roll-Out Cart