Entrepreneurs Association of India

Contact: Shobhal Singh
Entrepreneurs Association of India,  D-219(B)  Bhaskar Marg, Banipark,  Jaipur -302016, Rajasthan  India
Phone: +91 141 4031805
Email: info@entrepreneursassociationindia.com
Website: www.entrepreneursassociationindia.com

Entrepreneurs Association of India is dedicated to supporting and helping businesses connect, grow and prosper in the market place. We offer arrange of consulting and referral services to get the advice and help you need to build the business you want. We believe that education and knowledge are key ingredients of a successful business, so apart from organising networking events, we also host educational events and learning programs for our members.

EAI also offers our members support and referral services in times of adversity. Having legal or financial issues, industrial relation problems or the taxation matters can be overwhelming for owners and very damaging to the business. EAI will be there to help guide you through difficult times, act on your behalf or refer you on to the right professional depending on your situation.