Emily Lemoniati Law Firm

Contact: Emily Lemoniati
Charalambou Mouskou No 20. Athinodorou Business Centre,
Office 3013 Paphos  8091, Cyprus
Phone: +357 26 819 960
Fax: +357 26 822 842
Email: emily@pandeservicescyprus.com
Website: www.pandeservicescyprus.com

P & E Business Services are the executive leaders in the independent provision of corporate, fund, advisory and legal services globally with clientele consisteing of major banks of the world and brokerage firms, executive law and accounting firms and highly respectable individuals around the world.

The firm offers the following services:

  • Registration of patents and trade marks.
  • Company, trust and commercial Law consultancy.
  • Consultancy as to the establishment of the appropriate and beneficial company structure for the clients needs.
  • Formation of Companies and Trusts.
  • Drafting contracts, agreement of all kinds, power of attorneys including loan agreements, pledges, sales shares agreement etc.
  • Notarizing and appostilling services.
  • Tax Clearance Certificates.
  • Litigation and Court representation of our clients.
  • Insolvency, liquidation, bankruptcy and winding up services.
  • Property acquisition services.
  • Other general legal services.