eBlasts, Faxes & Direct Mailings

Email marketing is utilised by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe. By sharing information about your business through emails, you help customers see how knowledgeable your business is and how valuable the products or services you offer are. That leads to money in the cash register.

The International Trade Council can help you by sending emails on your behalf to targeted organisations at little or no cost.*

Using email marketing helps establish authority

Email marketing can help you establish authority in your field. You want to show customers that you know your business inside and out. Through creative emails you can showcase your knowledge without bragging. The best way to do that is to send emails that provide value to your customers.

Plus, emails that provide value get shared. It’s like virtual word of mouth. When you send someone an email that’s helpful, they may forward it on to their friends and colleagues. You’re establishing your business as a leader in the industry and gaining customers.  You can also use email marketing to provide potential customers and partners’ information they care about by highlighting news relevant to their industry.

Allows you to reach the right audience

Used appropriately, email represents a way to reach potential and existing customers in an organised and targeted way. Simply identify who you want to reach and where that target is located and Council staff can come up with an appropriate list on your behalf.

Email marketing works

According to a 2012 survey conducted by Exact target, 66 percent of online American have bought something as a result of receiving a marketing message via email. That’s more than 3 times that of Facebook (20 percent), and more than 4 times (16 percent) that of text.

Free circulation limits

  • Large Corporate Members – Up to 20,000 (to a single country and/or industry)
  • Corporate Members – Up to 5,000 emails (to a single country and/or industry)
  • Student, Retirees , Non-Profit Organisations and Sole Traders are not eligible for free email blasts.

Sending emails

We utilise an email address supplied by you (or you can create a new Gmail address for the campaign) – ensuring that all replies are received by you instantly. Additional blasts may be purchased at a discount. Please allow 14 working days to process your request.

* Because of moves and/or changes in companies please expect an average bounce rate of 15 percent for each campaign.