Earthwerks (Swiff-Train Company)



Member Level: Standard Member
Contact Person: Kenneth Train
Address: 5501 Mid Cities Parkway, Verde Business Park
San Antonio, Texas 78154
United States
Phone: +1 210 227 2406 ext 231 Fax: +1 210 227 4027
Website: Twitter: @earthwerksfloor

EarthWerks brings the freshness of nature indoors for a year round natural effect. Each one of our collections is quite unique, offering our customers an eye catching surface that brings a special look.

Add elegance and sparkle to any decor with our EarthWerks Luxury Vinyl Collection or experience the timeless look captured by our EarthWerks Hardwood. Find the perfect complement for a beautiful room, whether its the elegant look of granite or the pure natural beauty of stone found in the mountains of Southern Italy.

EarthWerks® provides Structural Warranties and Finish Warranties of different lengths depending on collection.