Yusuf Abdulla Shunan

With more than 20 years of working experience in senior positions for large firms, including UN & UNDP, locally Dhiraagu & Villa Group of Companies, I have been portrayed as an outstanding industry stalwart of Maldivian markets. With a Master’s degree in Business Analytics, my experiences span across everything from marketing to psychology, engineering, IT, HR and training. As the Founder and CEO of UtotoAI, I played a major role in developing the Clue, an AI-based Personality Prediction algorithm and recommendation engine. I have found multiple companies, including one of the well-known IT service-based companies in Maldives, Maldicore Group Pvt Ltd. Tendon Consulting and services, a wave energy company to bring electricity from ocean waves to Maldives, and most recently, UtotoAI, Inc. Apart from these have established two NGOs in Maldives, Maldivian Open Source Society and Maldivian Blood Donors. I am also a Member of Grand Jury and National Expert for Maldives – World Summit Awards, a body contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I have also developed multiple courses to be conducted for startups, including ethics and morality in business, data driven decisions, cultivating a creative mindset and leadership for innovation. To achieve truly miraculous things, we need to be driven by curiosity,enthusiasm and a desire to learn and grow rather than a desire to succeed in what we are doing.



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