Sahir K

I have been working in the Information Technology industry since 2003 after completing my post-graduation in computer application. I started my career in a startup company and then moved MNC job. My work and business handling experience include SIEMENS healthcare, Hewlett Packard, and IBM. I quit IBM in 2014 and decided to take a full-time entrepreneurship role. I have started Storilabs and was CEO till 2019. I quit Storilabs and started digital health startup IntPurple technologies in early 2020 and built a team of digital health experts and product Felixacare. Visit for more details. During these two decades of diverse experience, I worked in USA and Switzerland. I have visited Middle east countries, Germany, Italy, and Austria for different business purposes. During my career in MNCs, I had handled customers from China, Australia, Japan, and the USA. I am mentor of many startup companies in India.

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