Camila Mariotto Zakka

I am specialized in mediation and negotiation, and have been working with families, family-owned businesses and businesses to build efficient, sustainable solutions to their disputes and challenges.

As a Mediator my essential responsibility is to work as a non-coercive neutral, helping parties to make decisions together based on the understanding of their own views, each other’s perspective, and the reality and context they face. Based on their understanding, I help them negotiate an agreement that serves them better than their available alternatives.

By working exclusively with mediation and negotiation, consensual and non-coercive processes of dispute resolution, my work aims to promote the resolution of disputes through understanding, returning to the parties the control of the process and its outcome, making sure mediation’s core principles are respected – autonomy, self-determination, informed decision, confidentiality, and mediator’s impartiality- so that the parties involved in a dispute can have a solid basis to make sustainable decisions, and acquire a set of skills to resolve constructively, by themselves, future conflicts and disputes.

Divorcing couples, siblings haggling over the control of family businesses, business partners facing difficulties and strong disagreements regarding the future of their business, leaders struggling with teams’ communication processes are all examples of everyday conflicts that may escalate when submitted to an adversarial process of conflict resolution.

The work of a mediator goes beyond helping parties settle a dispute; it is a proposition of a new dynamic that they may learn and implement in the future to avoid conflict traps and work through conflict constructively when it arises.

My goal and hope are that by being exposed to mediation and negotiation’s skills, people will reclaim the autonomy to make decisions by themselves without outsourcing by default to a third party, learning that understanding is not agreeing and that more often than not, different opinions and perspectives can coexist without canceling one another.

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