Aiyaz Uddin

Aiyaz Uddin, A young entrepreneur from Hyderabad, Telangana has earned his name and reputation in numerous fields and industries such as IT, Digital Media, Brand Management, Communications, and Social Media planning for Corporates, Entrepreneurs, and Business executives across India, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates & Canada to name few in the areas of Technology, IT Services, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Advertising and etc.

He has over a decade of Information Technology experience working with IT services organization. After which Aiyaz Uddin, he founded The Staffing Circle, A platform that focuses on teaching, training and services to aspirants of Tech HR, Social Media, Branding, Tech Marketing, Software Sales, Marketing, SaaS & etc. He is an IT Educator who believes in educating people for the greater cause and good. He has students from across globe in the area of education, employment and skill development in Information Technology & Digital Domain. He has taught 500+ students free on the subject of “Career Management in IT”, He is a public speaker, motivational speaker, and life coach in the areas of career development, personal, professional and spiritual development.

Apart from his personal portfolio and exposure to IT industry, he is a human right, education and peace activist. Aiyaz believes in the quality of education, equal rights, equal employment and dignity of labor. He is a board member and Director of AICHLS. He has received Peace Award for his work on interfaith peace, harmony and co-existence. He is a Certified Peace Educator from Global Peace Institute, London.
He is a Podcast Host of “You Are the Command be”, a podcast on the subject of spirituality, divine love and self-realization. Available: Amazon Music, Audible, Google App Store, Apple Store, Spotify, Google Podcast & etc.

He is an Author of “Science behind the Perfect Life” and “The Inward Journey”.

• Certified Peace Educator (GPI, London)
• International Researcher Award (Prashas Trust)
• Microsoft Certified Innovative Educator (MCIE)
• International Peace Award (WAC Records)
• Man of the Moment (Telangana Rashtra Swarmabhomi Awards)
• Chattered Fellow Member – Central Christian University
• Global HR Influencer (SocialMicole)
• Certified BlockChain Expert
• Certified Life Coach
• Certified Career Analyst
• Quora Influencer
• Amazon Influencer

• The Suicide Gang (A suspense based short movie to educate about suicide and prevention)
• (IMDB Profile : )

• Science Behind a Perfect Life (Occult sciences for Self-Direction & Development)
• The Inward Journey (A book speaking about Guru, Student, God, & Self Realization)
• US Staffing Insights (RPO Industry based book HR Tech Professionals)

LinkedIn Talent Solutions (Hyderabad, Telangana)
Success & Motivation (Hyderabad, Telangana)
Hacker Earth Webinar – Recruiting Talent on Social Media (Sep, 2021)

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