Dorcy International

Contact: Thomas Beckett
2700 Port Road
Columbus Ohio 43217
United States
Phone: +1 614 333 1001
Fax:  +1 614 497 5822
Twitter: @dorcydirect

A privately held company headquartered in Columbus, OH, Dorcy has been marketing flashlight products for over 55 years. Dorcy is proud to be business partners with many of the world’s largest retailers including Sears, Wal-Mart,  ACE Hardware, TruServ, and Target. Dorcy is the only flashlight manufacturer to have true factory ownership and a fully staffed Hong Kong office. Our complete packaging and distribution center is located in Columbus, Ohio.

Dorcy’s competitive advantages include:

  • The widest range of lighting products available.
  • Evolving with the Market demands – LED, Fashion Trends, etc.
  • Leadership in New Product development initiatives.
  • Complete Complimentary Flashlight and Battery Program
  • The strongest Value Pack Promotions in the industry.
  • Excellent consumer value, and retail margin contribution.
  • Creative, flexible pack assortments.

Our Products

We continue to lead the market in new “niche” and cutting edge product introductions. All Dorcy products are manufactured to strict quality controlled specifications and are produced from proprietary tooling. We use our own bulbs and DORCY Mastercell batteries to ensure freshness and product quality consistency.  Our Packaging Graphics have been updated to provide a powerful and unified blocking appeal that delivers outstanding shelf “pass-by” appeal, encouraging a new level of consumer involvement and awareness in the flashlight category.

We also offer a complete line of replacement bulbs.