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Nastrac Group is extremely excited to announce the launch of Diversity-Focused Recruitment, which is our new area of expertise. Nastrac recognizes that diversity in the world of business is of the utmost importance, with there being a plethora of benefits that arise from diversity in the workforce. For example, a diverse team who shares a greater cultural understanding may produce fresh and unique ideas that positively differentiate the company from competitors. However, in order to obtain a diverse workforce, companies must invest into hiring people who value and appreciate the importance of diversity, which can be a complex and challenging task. This is where Nastrac can help!

We strive to help businesses obtain a world-class workforce that is diverse in nature. We are passionate about helping our clients bring inclusion and workplace integration to the heart of their organisation and expand their global diversity footprint. Nastrac focuses on assisting clients who need to augment their diversity quotient; who are experiencing difficulty in establishing a gender balance and struggling to bring together a pool of qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Additionally, Nastrac helps manage specialist recruitment advertising and subsequent responses. Our in-depth understanding of the best global diversity practices allows us to create persuasive advertisements that are fully compliant with the legalities of the region in question. Furthermore, we can recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective publications, websites and job-boards in regards to diversity.

As part of our ‘Diversity-Focused’ Recruitment service our candidates have been successfully assigned to senior international positions. Notable successes include Head of Human Resources, People Movement and M & A in Norway, Executive Diversity Director in Germany, Chief Diversity Champion in the Netherlands and many more.

About Us

Nastrac is a 19-year-old multi-award winning organisation that specialises in providing business solutions through strategic hiring and consultancy services. Nastrac works with its clients, using tools unique to the organisation, to find the best person for the job through its wide network and world class hiring processes. The company’s traditional areas of expertise include the Hi-Tech, Financial Services, Private Equity & Diversity Recruitment sectors.

For further information please feel free to contact our Chief Diversity Search Officer, Amit Anand at: amit@nastracgroup.com