Deal Promotion

The ITC Discount programme is an easy and cost-effective way for your business to reach customers in your local area, throughout the country and internationally.

In exchange for offering ITC members a discount or special offer on a product or service, we will promote your business and offer(s) to all members at no cost to you. The programme is designed to benefit your business while offering value added benefits to Council members.

Examples of typical discounts:

  • 1 hour free initial consulting for all new ITC members
  • Receive a 10 percent discount off any product or service
  • 10 percent off invoices of $25 or more

Depending on its relevance your offer may be promoted in any, or all, of the following ways:

  • Featured in the ITC newsletter
  • In the welcome email to new ITC members
  • Posted on ITC social network pages
  • To ITC newsletter subscribers in a specific target market
  • As a featured advertisement on the ITC website
  • Featured in ITC staff email signatures (specific to a target market and/or audience for a limited time)
  • As a direct email blast to a specific target market
  • In an ITC member deal booklet

Benefit of Offering a Deal to ITC members:

  • Receive additional free promotion
  • No out-of-pocket advertising expense
  • Simple to manage

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Special Offers for ITC Members

Due Diligence, Background Checks & Investigations (Nigeria)
50 percent off for ITC Members

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Notice Date: 14th April 2020

The health and safety of our staff and contractors are of paramount importance. As such all ITC staff have been advised to work from home until the 15th of May and avoid all non-essential travel. This may reduce accessibility of staff via phone but, pending individual internet issues, most trade commissioners should be accessible via email. The Council’s IT infrastructure systems are redundant and we use tried and tested collaborative tools that allow full remote working for all staff and contractors.

All webinars, conferences and trade missions are temporarily paused and are being re-scheduled for August / September 2020. Final dates will be advised shortly.
All accounting functions and non-trade-related functions are temporarily paused for the home quarantine period.

Tax Relief (By Country)

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Free File Sharing and Collaboration
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