David Waters

President of Waters Worldwide Inc

Meet David Waters, a distinguished member of the International Trade Council and the visionary President of Waters Worldwide Inc and a Principal Partner with the PowerStart Group. With a rich legacy in international logistics and business process reengineering, David's journey exemplifies innovation, problem-solving, and a commitment to shaping industries for the better.

As the driving force behind Waters Worldwide Inc., a member of the PowerStart Group consortium, David Waters leads the charge in strategic consulting for the logistics, supply chain, and manufacturing sectors. With a focus on business reengineering and process management, his expertise has a transformative impact on businesses across the globe.

David's journey began as a logistic project manager for air freight, igniting his passion for complex, large-scale international projects. Over the years, his prowess expanded to encompass all modes of transportation, positioning him as a true trailblazer in the field.

With a BA in International Relations from the University of Calgary and more than 25 years of experience in international logistics, business, and reengineering, David combines academic achievement with real-world insights to drive innovation and excellence.

David's impactful projects include a groundbreaking oil and gas venture in Tanzania that empowered local communities through new energy resource revenues. His approach to business reengineering has consistently unlocked long-term value, driving profitability for partners like Husky and others.

Throughout his career, David has witnessed the evolution of the industry, with globalization and supply chain complexities reshaping the landscape. His ability to adapt and innovate has been pivotal in addressing emerging challenges.

David acknowledges the challenges of supply versus demand and the post-pandemic landscape. As the industry grapples with these issues, he is committed to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and uncovering best practices for enhanced productivity.

Looking ahead, David envisions an industry empowered by real-time data and low-code solutions, revolutionizing business processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

For aspiring professionals entering the industry, David emphasizes the importance of diving deep into process and business mining, which holds the key to unlocking untapped potential.

In the face of setbacks, David's approach is grounded in data-driven analysis. By delving into real-time data, he gains insights into challenges, enabling him to forge resilient solutions and to learn from every experience.

David draws inspiration from several business leaders, including Trond Frantzen, a distinguished author and business leader. Trond is not only a partner but a true mentor to David.

Beyond his professional pursuits, David is a motorsports enthusiast and car racing aficionado. Whether building or racing his own cars, he embraces the thrill of competition. He also finds solace in the mountains, where quality time with his wife and dog brings him joy.