About the Book

"Data Privacy and its Impact on International E-Commerce Trade" is a comprehensive examination of the relationship between data privacy and the rapidly expanding sector of international e-commerce. The book offers an overview of international e-commerce trade, underlining the crucial role of data privacy and the implications of data protection laws across different countries. It delves into cross-border data privacy challenges and evaluates the economic impact of data privacy, its effect on consumer protection, international data flows, and the consequences of data breaches on international e-commerce trade. The book also highlights recent developments, emphasizing the challenges for international businesses due to differing national data protection laws, the progress towards international data protection standards, and the impact of regulations on companies operating in multiple countries. It provides key considerations and best practices for businesses to ensure data privacy and calls for international collaboration to develop standardized data protection protocols that support global e-commerce trade. The conclusion summarizes the main points, reiterates the significance of data privacy for international e-commerce trade, and explores possible future implications.