CTCFP launches community institution partnership to promote sexual health in communities across Cameroon

CTCFP recently announced a successful launch of their adolescent sexual health and rights programs to be offered in partnership with schools and community institutions across Cameroon.

The project aims at helping adolescent girls to avoid unwanted pregnancies, STI’s and early marriage and helps bring girls together to give them the tools they need to progress their education.

“We help these girls gain knowledge about the risk of early sexual experimentation and to provide them with the tools needed to understand the reproductive lifecycle and methods of contraceptives available,” said Dr Gwewasang C. Martin, founder of the program.

“It’s a new way of working to change behavior, but more about creating clarity and a change in perspective – giving communities a new mindset that is energized by social justice. A common saying goes that a woman who is educated and has control of her own finances is more likely to take care of her sexual/reproductive health. Unwanted pregnancies often result in girls dropping out of school and can quickly erase any hope of getting out of poverty,” said Dr Martin.

CTCFP is providing the program in collaboration with the Ministry of Secondary Education in Cameroon and is working to provide regular health days when students can have private health exams and receive contraceptives if requested.

The initiative currently involves parents and teachers from over 40 schools and communities.

For more information about the CTCFP in Cameroon, contact: Dr Gwewasang C. Martin at adele_healthcentre@yahoo.fr