CRESCOtec has been appointed as reseller & implementation partner for Xtracta

CRESCOtec is proud to announce its collaboration with Xtracta, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) data capturing company based in New Zealand.

Xtracta provides us with the cutting-edge of document data extraction technology to automatically capture data from scanned, photographed or digital business documents. The software can operate with a huge range of documents from invoices and receipts to sales orders, packaging slips or manifests.

Xtracta drives by the desire to make great quality, innovative software that is easy to use and has an immediate impact on cost saving. It is the kind of technology that allows CRESCOtec to effectively work with clients to drastically reduce costs and inaccuracies associated with manual data entry.

The major advantage for CRESCOtec is the use of artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning  applications which are far more accurate and efficient than the optical character recognition(OCR) method without further automated processing or manual data entry. Due to the fast developing technology it is essential that CRECOtec keeps abreast of the new and innovative ways to allow our clients to use cutting-edge solutions to boost their efficiency.

Xtracta processes any document with any data from any source with its easy-to-use, image-based analysis, classification, data location, and extraction technology as well as it supports high-volume, complex, document processing needs, and delivers flexibility for processing rules and workflows.

“Working with Xtracta allows us to process all types of data as it classifies and extracts key data, everything from invoices, receipts from machine print, constrained and unconstrained handprint to complex cursive far more accurately than manual data entry,” said Harish Sukumaran Vijaya, MD for CRESCOtec. “With this new in-house feature and application,  CRESCOtec can incorporate (AI) in its day-to-day operation and provide clients with accurate and efficient and intelligent information and reporting”.

About (CRESCOtec)
CRESCOtec offers three software packages mainly targeting the GCC market. One software package is build for schools and allows to administrate teacher, students, grades, etc. The package is available as a version hosted by the client or as a cloud-version hosted by CRESCOtec.

Another software package is build for real estate managers, covering the general management of properties and includes the region specific forms and reports. This software is available as desktop version and in autumn a cloud solution will be available as well.

Last but not least CRESCOtec offers an accounting solution, mainly used by manufacturing and trading companies.

Constanza Fernandez Reyes
Communications Consultant
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