Credit Status Reports

Utilizing a credit report is an important task that ensures your company against the possibility of bad debt, as well as enables you to make educated decisions in regards to who you work with. You can control the right conditions of business if you are fully aware of the potential client’s financial history. Payment schedules can be set to your specification to confirm payment is received on time.

To assist with protecting your business against the chance of bad debts, or the trouble of seeking court assistance to retrieve payment, you can accurately avoid and identify any credit risks before they are a problem. This will also help you to make an educated choice on the amount of credit you are willing to propose.

The Council has company data for 190 countries worldwide, so whether it is a local company, or an international one, our easy, fast, and inexpensive credit reports are imperative for risk reduction to yourself and your business.

The Council offers three types of credit reports:

  • Compact – for circumstances with a low exposure to harmful debt.
  • Standard – intended to cover mid-exposure situations where a larger credit amount is under deliberation
  • Comprehensive – a top of the line report when a very high level of exposure to a specific trading partner is probable

Our team delivers a succinct summary of our suggested terms of trading as advice, along with the completed report.

International Trade Council members receive these services at a discount.