Counterfeit and “copy-cat brand” products continue to pose a real hazard to international brands functioning in emerging market regions where law enforcement and a culture of respect for Intellectual Property is still frail.

This is particularly so in Asia, which regrettably remains a major exporting region for copied products world-wide.

The International Trade Council conducts anti–counterfeiting ventures, to identify and expose sellers. The Council also tackles the following issues:

  • Sale of counterfeit or infringing products over the Internet
  • Recognize individuals behind web stores and eBay/online auction accounts
  • Trade of imitation or infringing products in markets and retail stores
  • Identify distributor systems and factory locations
  • Confirm authenticity and source inventory via discrete acquisitions of products
  • Sanction in the forum of civil seizures and/or criminal seizures
  • Utilize computer forensics to calculate damages and recognize suppliers and resellers

The Council has commenced anti-counterfeiting on behalf of clients, in various industries, that have issues with counterfeiters or infringers. These include footwear, FMCG, sportswear, pharmaceuticals, apparel, confectionery, tobacco, household goods, electrical goods, alcohol and spirits, perfumes/cosmetics, automotive products, music, watches, luxury goods, computer software and toys.

If you are facing a problem with the sale of counterfeit goods, please contact the Council today by email or giving us a call.