Corporate Investigations

The necessity for IT and accounting forensics, corporate inquiries and global intelligence is ever growing. The International Trade Council is able to provide organisations with a global approach to these concerns as well as fraud and risk management services and insurance defences.

More than ever, there is intense stress to minimise the likelihood of a poor business decision and the negative fallout that results of one. At the same time, it is vital to remain attentive in efforts to classify, isolate, and end schemes that can damage corporate worth.

Unpredicted concerns impacting a possibly business deal, accusations of fraud, matters in litigation, and a host of many other issues that could put an entire company in jeopardy are forcing business leaders to reconsider their method to investigative due diligence and internal investigations.

The International Trade Council delivers clients worldwide with corporate investigation services that supply the intelligence and insight needed to reduce the risk or impact linked with doing business. Our employees provide complete and discreet assistance in a timely manner. This allows clients to discover, document, and remedy some of their most vital issues. These services are tailored to meet the precise needs of each specific customer.

Those services include, but are not limited to:

  • Internal deception & theft
  • Fiscal investigations
  • Workplace violence and harassment
  • Infringement on patents and trademarks
  • Due diligence exploration
  • Property loss
  • High Risk Terminations
  • Asset Location and Repossession
  • Missing Persons
  • Background Inquiries
  • Civil and Domestic Investigations
  • Labour Dispute Mediations

Blackstone Security Services, Inc.

(Coronavirus Pandemic)

Notice Date: 30th March 2020

The health and safety of our staff and contractors are of paramount importance. As such all ITC staff have been advised to work from home for the next 30 days and avoid all non-essential travel. This may reduce accessibility of staff via phone but, pending individual internet issues, most trade commissioners should be accessible via email.

The Council’s IT infrastructure systems are redundant and we use tried and tested collaborative tools that allow full remote working for all staff and contractors. As we use an IP-based phone system, all of our contact details will remain the same.

All webinars, conferences and trade missions are temporarily paused pending the end of the 30 day home quarantine period. The Trade Mission to Malta, Trade Mission to Estonia and Trade Mission to Finland are being re-scheduled for August 2020. Pending any major changes in the current Pandemic situation, Trade Commissioners should update attendees within the next 45 days.

All accounting functions and non-trade-related functions are temporarily paused for the 30 day home quarantine period.

The Council recommends all businesses follow the WHO guidelines which give some useful practical advice for workplaces.

Please stay at home if possible and stay safe!

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