Coral LLC



Member Level: Standard Member
Contact Person: Matt Cuhadar
Address: 5576 Bighorn Drive
Carson City Nevada 89701
United States
Phone: +1 775 883 9854 Fax: +1 775 883 9858


Coral LLC is one of the largest importers and suppliers of above sea coral calcium minerals in the USA. Over the years, many companies such as Procter and Gamble, Source Naturals and Nature’s Bounty have discovered the uniquely great health benefits of coral minerals. All of these companies have managed to use coral in different ways, including in agriculture, cosmetics, sports, water enhancement, and more.

Coral mineral products include:

Coral Complex 3
Eco Pure Powder
Coral CalMag
Coral Daily D3
Coral Chewable Calcium
Coral Vitamin D3 Drops
Coral Carbonate Liquid
Alkalizing Water Treatment
Coral Joint and Collagen
Coral White Toothpaste
Coral Kids Toothpaste
Coral Cinnamon

Product quality, consistent inventory, innovation, customer programs, and excellent customer service separate Coral LLC from the long list of companies that utilize coral minerals.