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A Site to help Manufacturers and Wholesaler get ready for the coming B2B eCommerce flood tide.

“Business to Business Online (B2B) is projected to grow to $6.7 trillion by 2020”, according to a leading industrial market research firm. As more and more manufacturers and wholesalers from more and more countries start to migrate to online platforms to meet their procurement needs, the market is predicted to grow even larger and could account for as much as 50{bfa08a400c7550404055ff04715e84c9172815d33c25eb3b84e230636ecdc007} of the total manufacturing trade worldwide by 2027.

The unprepared run the risk of losing major market share to this fast approaching B2B e-commerce flood tide!,  the B2B e-Commerce Resource Site, aims to help manufacturers and wholesalers prepare for the coming B2B e-Commerce tidal wave.

To help Buyers and Sellers to dip their toes to test the waters, Blue Ocean Technology Partners LLC., a Washington DC based firm, is introducing the Online B2B Resource Site (still in beta).

  • Here the Buyers and Sellers can have their B2B ecommerce questions answered by experts and Service Providers and peer review suppliers and clients in a Q&A Forum setting.
  • Experts and service providers in the online B2B space can also register and participate to promote their services and generate leads in a Social setting.
  • The site also includes educational and learning materials relevant to the needs of the online B2B marketer or buyers.
  • Finally, to help buyers and sellers to try out the online B2B e-commerce idea for themselves on a low risk scale, has a free online B2B classifieds page. This is the place for sellers to advertise to the OEM or wholesale buyers and for buyers to find procurement opportunities to test out and gain more confidence in the online procurement process, assess their particular risk profiles and identify remedial services and coverage.

The site is free to join for now and the Classifieds are free to use. The educational and training materials are also mostly free. The site is almost ready, so it might be a good investment to join now while it is still free.


Solomon Wisdom, General Manager
Blue Ocean Technology Partners LLC.
Biz Faq Operations Center
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