Carrier Johnson + CULTURE



Member Level: Large Corporate Member
Contact Person: Michael Johnson
Address: 1301 3rd Ave
San Diego, California 92101
United States
Phone: +1 619 239 2353 Fax: +1 619 239 6227
Website: Twitter: @CarrierJohnsonC

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE is a design-centric architectural, interior design and strategic branding practice that creates individualized solutions for clients in the higher education, corporate, advanced technology + life science, residential, public and mixed use sectors.

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE approaches architecture by exposing existing connections between building and environmental context – social, physical, historical, aesthetic – revealing opportunities within a relevant framework. A balance is struck between experiential, aesthetic, and functional, defining a client CULTURE’s appropriate expression.

Established in 1977, the firm maintains offices in San Diego and Los Angeles, California.