Capillary Consulting Navigates A New Approach To Change Management

Creative consulting and coaching provider, Capillary Consulting, has announced the launch of its three day workshop in London’s Heathrow to help organisations to get on board with effective change management.

Founded in 2010 Capillary Consulting was created to inspire organizations and their people in order to release potential and successfully navigate change.  Unhindered by traditional processes, Capillary’s approach to change management is informed by a range of models and methodologies designed to identify how to best navigate changes ahead for your company and draws from a repertoire of many methods to build one to fit your needs.

Changed priorities ahead
The Certified Change Agent Program is a three day course resulting in leading to candidates being awarded the status of Certified Change Agent (CCA) and focuses on showing employees how to understand their role in change and to be successful in that role.  The interactive workshop is comprised of tools and techniques, pairs and group activities, analysis, graphic recording and Lego® Serious Play®.  In order to provide a comprehensive and practical guide to change management, the course is made up as follows:

  • Understanding our responses to change and managing those responses
  • Your organisation and its approach to change
  • Defining your role as a Change Agent

By the end of the workshop, candidates will have gained a better understanding of what change management means for your company and their role as a newly qualified Certified Change Agent can help to facilitate that change.

Make the connection
The workshop will take place at The Holiday Inn London between the 23rd and the 25th May and will be facilitated by Chief Change Agent, Rich Batchelor who has been delivering change for over 25 years.  As well as holding a Masters in change management, Rich is a certified Lego® and Serious Play® facilitator and is also certified in Project Management, Process Improvement, HR, Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy.

For more information about the Certified Change Agent Program visit: