Buyer and Seller Data

The International Trade Council has access to customs data (bills of lading / shipment data) for 30 countries listed below.

Council staff can use this data to search for buyers and/or sellers by product name and/or HS code, find current buy prices, provide information on buying / selling trends, and offer an informative ‘real world’ look at market demand.

Data is available to current Council Members free of charge in the form of a Premium Research Report. Council Members are able to request these reports on-demand from their assigned Trade Commissioner.

Each Premium Report contains:

  • 1 HS Code + 1 Country
  • List of buyers located in target country (Excel File)
  • Up to 500 Bills of Lading (Excel File)
  • Detailed Analysis of Buying Habits and Contacts of 20 Top Buyers by HS Code
  • Market Demand Statistics

The number of free reports accessible per year are based on member level as follows:

ITC Member Level Free Reports Per Year Cost Per Additional Report
Government Agency 50 $30
Large Corporate** 15 $65
Small Corporate 2 $65
Non-Members 0 $250

* Large Corporate Members with discounted membership plans are entitled to 5 reports per year only.

Premium Research Reports take up to 7 working days to process.

Example Tailored Market Demand Research Report:

Example Premium Research Report for Council Members

Download sample here

You can also download an example of our RAW BILL OF LADING DATA here.  (Excel format).

(Example uses HS Code 100620 – buyers in the USA)

Available source data used by International Trade Council’s Trade Commissioners when compiling Premium Reports for members:

Flag Country Data Type Number of Shipments Recent Update
Argentina Trade Data Argentina Import & Export data 287,339,229.0 Shipments  to 2019-10-31
Bolivia Import Export / Trade Lead Data Bolivia Import & Export data 11,947,580.0 Shipments  to 2018-08-01
Brazil Import Export / Trade Lead Data Brazil Import & Export data 3,378,655.0 Shipments  to 2019-10-31
Chile Import Export / Trade Lead Data Chile Import & Export data 59,396,791.0 Shipments  to 2019-10-31
Colombia Import Export / Trade Lead Data Colombia Import & Export data 47,427,664.0 Shipments  to 2019-10-31
Costa Rica Import Export / Trade Lead Data Costa Rica Import & Export data 45,431,497.0 Shipments  to 2017-12-31
Ecuador Import Export / Trade Lead Data Ecuador Import & Export data 75,407,027.0 Shipments  to 2019-10-31
El Salvador Import Export / Trade Lead Data El Salvador Import & Export data 37,974.0 Shipments  to 2015-12-01
Ethiopia Import Export / Trade Lead Data Ethiopia Import & Export data 989,142.0 Shipments  to 2019-06-01
Guatemala Import Export / Trade Lead Data Guatemala Import & Export data 144,232.0 Shipments  to 2015-12-01
Honduras Import Export / Trade Lead Data Honduras Import & Export data 360,706.0 Shipments  to 2015-12-01
India Import Export / Trade Lead Data India Import & Export data 519,747,051.0 Shipments  to 2019-11-30
Kazakhstan Import Export / Trade Lead Data Kazakhstan Import & Export data 3,795,072.0 Shipments  to 2019-09-30
Mexico Import Export / Trade Lead Data Mexico Import & Export data 51,459,645.0 Shipments  to 2019-10-31
Nicaragua Import Export / Trade Lead Data Nicaragua Import & Export data 26,590.0 Shipments  to 2015-12-01
Pakistan Import Export / Trade Lead Data Pakistan Import & Export data 8,498,813.0 Shipments  to 2019-12-07
Panama Import Export / Trade Lead Data Panama Import & Export data 20,768,649.0 Shipments  to 2019-11-30
Paraguay Import Export / Trade Lead Data Paraguay Import & Export data 10,357,714.0 Shipments  to 2019-10-31
Peru Import Export / Trade Lead Data Peru Import & Export data 119,362,677.0 Shipments  to 2019-11-30
Philippines Import Export / Trade Lead Data Philippines Import & Export data 5,153,525.0 Shipments  to 2019-02-01
Russia Import Export / Trade Lead Data Russia Import & Export data 273,716,030.0 Shipments  to 2019-10-31
South Korea Import Export / Trade Lead Data South Korea Import data 18,266,689.0 Shipments  to 2014-08-01
Sri Lanka Import Export / Trade Lead Data Sri Lanka Import & Export data 9,893,467.0 Shipments  to 2019-11-15
Taiwan Import Export / Trade Lead Data Taiwan Import & Export data 1,788,838.0 Shipments  to 2018-09-25
Ukraine Import Export / Trade Lead Data Ukraine Import & Export data 75,881,595.0 Shipments  to 2019-11-29
United Kingdom Import Export / Trade Lead Data United Kingdom Import data 30,875,269.0 Shipments  to 2019-09-01
USA Import Export / Trade Lead Data United States Import data 174,125,111.0 Shipments  to 2019-12-22
Uruguay Import Export / Trade Lead Data Uruguay Import & Export data 16,688,799.0 Shipments  to 2019-12-15
Venezuela Import Export / Trade Lead Data Venezuela Import & Export data 8,429,487.0 Shipments  to 2019-09-01
Vietnam Import Export / Trade Lead Data Vietnam Import & Export data 106,340,148.0 Shipments  to 2019-11-30

Notice Date: 14th April 2020

The health and safety of our staff and contractors are of paramount importance. As such all ITC staff have been advised to work from home until the 15th of May and avoid all non-essential travel. This may reduce accessibility of staff via phone but, pending individual internet issues, most trade commissioners should be accessible via email. The Council’s IT infrastructure systems are redundant and we use tried and tested collaborative tools that allow full remote working for all staff and contractors.

All webinars, conferences and trade missions are temporarily paused and are being re-scheduled for August / September 2020. Final dates will be advised shortly.
All accounting functions and non-trade-related functions are temporarily paused for the home quarantine period.

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